Saturday, June 16, 2012

22 Months of Rory

Our lively little light-giver is 22 months!

 This past month, Rory:
  • Can FINALLY wear hair clips!!!!  I know she doesn't really need them, but it's pretty epic that, at 22 months old, she's finally got enough hair to put clips in it!
  • Potty trained!  She's not perfect by any means, but rarely has accidents. It's more a matter of wanting to sit on the potty more than she actually has to go.
  • She's talking in phrases now rather than just using one word.  And, as usual, she says most things in an African accent thanks to her sisters.
  • Any chance she gets, she requests that someone read her a book.  Jonathan, Faith, Favor, and I all take turns reading to her.
  • Rory loves to sing and dance.  She can also do a pretty great fake cry.
  • She still has some serious stranger anxiety and really doesn't like any adults other than her mommy and daddy.  (I wish the twins would take some cues from her instead running to and hugging every stranger they see!) 
  • She's finally become a picky eater.  Her favorite foods are any kind of rice, avocados, and most fruit. However, she's stopped eating her daily banana and sweet potatoes are hit-or-miss.  We can't reason her like we do with the twins yet, so she usually gets what she wants.  She'll usually eat the first half of her meal in her high chair, then tell us she's all done so we get her down, and then she'll climb into one of our laps and eat the other half of her meal.
  • Rory likes to pick out what she's going to wear and 9 times out of 10, she insists on wearing dresses.  Fine with me, since I always think little girls are cuter in dresses anyway.

As always, check out her previous month-by-month.  I can't help but feel a little bit of baby fever when I look at these!

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Cori S said...

AH! I love these updates!!! Love the pictures and to hear how she is doing. You inspire me ;)