Friday, June 22, 2012

Crafty Kids

I'm an inexperienced Dad.  I've said it before, but Rory was easy.  She let me take my time over months to learn what I was supposed to do as a stay-at-home parent.  Then Faith and Favor leaped into our lives and demanded more focused attention and intentional activities or they would quickly get themselves into trouble.

So what did I do?  I googled "kid home activities".  I found that crafts and kitchen science experiments worked the best with them.

Cut and Paste a Picture: Faith and Favor don't have mad scissor skills yet, so I helped them a ton on this project.  I drew out shapes and guided their little hands to roughly cut out them out.  I put the glue on the paper and they got to press it down to stick.  They filled in some details like sun rays, doors, windows and bird eyes with crayons.

 Layered Liquids: Okay, this one is probably a little beyond their comprehension, but it was fun for me at least.  I layered (from bottom to top) honey, dish soap, water, oil, and rubbing alcohol, with a little food coloring thrown in for contrast.  Then I thought they could maybe use crayons and paper to draw the cup, but of course they just scribbled colors all over the place.

Goop: Cornstarch, baking soda, and water make for a pretty cool substance that feels firm to the touch but will ooze out between your fingers.  I hadn't done this since I was probably 10.

Penne Pasta Jewelry: This was a huge success.  They spent probably an hour threading string through penne pasta to make bracelets and necklaces.  All I did was demonstrate what to do and then tied off the ends after they did the threading.

The big lesson? Idle time = trouble.  Case in point: while writing this blog post this morning, I neglected to give the twins a focused activity and they went nutso.  We had about 8 time outs because of hitting, scratching, spitting, and throwing.  How do all those moms out there do it?


Fini said...

I love your blog :)
You two describe your life so wonderful and I'm ( every time when there is a new post ) very happy! (-:
Your girls are totally cute and I think, your story with the children are very moving ;-)

Greetings from Germany,

Fini :)

Elizabeth M. said...

I do day camp every day for 20 four and five year olds. They like the funniest ((and sometimes most simple)) things! Try doing liquid starch and glue it is really fun! :) here's a link to my Pinterest board that has LOTS of ideas! The stuff you are doing looks great :)

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! Pinterest is great for ideas! Just think how easy it'll be when rory is 4!?

Inis Mona said...

I didn't read, but kids on photos really beautiful :3