Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meal Times

We take our meals pretty seriously around here.

When we first met the twins they were eating one, maybe two meals a day.  Because of this, when we first started feeding them, they would eat two or three times the amount of food I would.  And they would eat anything.  (We actually took video of the first meal they ate with us, but I'm not going to post it, because it'll probably make you cry seeing how fast they ate and how ravenous they were.)

Their first few days with us, they literallly had food with them all the time.

Since they've gotten used to having food around, some of their food anxiety has gone away.  They're still hungry a lot, but don't get anxious when food is in sight any longer.

Adoptive parents are probably the only people in the world who celebrate when their kids become picky, because it means they're finally full.  We make lots of "meal deals" at our home: eat your carrots, and you can have more bread.  Finish your corn and you can have more rice.  And then sometimes Faith tries to make deals with us too: eat my rice and then more bread.  Eat my sandwich, and then cake.  Favor can eat my beans and I'll have more tortillas.  Sorry little one, it doesn't work that way.

Rory also takes her food very seriously.  The fastest way to get her to melt down is to run out of the food she was happily eating.  She happily crams as much food as possible into her mouth when she's eating.  Obviously.

I wonder where she gets that face from...

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Julianne said...

Love it! The pictures are great too!