Sunday, June 10, 2012

Potty Time

I took off an extra day of work over Memorial Day weekend to help Rory potty train. This is what my weekend consisted of. 

French toast on the potty. (Isn't that wiggly eyebrow the cutest???)
We pumped her full of juice and strawberry milk.  Both of which she never drinks.  We regretted it later when it came out the other end much like it went in.

Everyone told us to give her M&Ms to treat her when she went, but she had never had them before, so I ended up giving her raisins and using the M&Ms to treat myself.

You'll notice her awesome hairdo. She insists on having her hair done when I do the twins'.

We did lots of singing, lots of patty-cake, and lots and lots of reading and watching videos.  Seeing as how the cheapest potty seat was a Sesame Street one, she was introduced to her first "character" and fell in love with, you guessed it, Elmo.  Good thing there were lots of YouTube videos of Elmo.  And lots where he uses the potty too!

Even Ninang Kylene got in on some fun.  In fact, she witnessed Rory's first accident.
On me.  And the couch. It was amazing.
Overall, she did really well.  We're a couple of weeks into it and she still has occasional accidents, but they're rare.  A few days ago, Jonathan took all the girls for a wagon ride.  Suddenly, Rory said, "Poo-poo?  Poo-poo?" and before he knew it, Favor screamed and jumped out of the wagon, pants drenched.  Faith jumped out just in time as the tinkle flooded the wagon.  Rory happily rode the wagon home.  By herself, in puddle of her own pee. 
And then there was the time she peed on the play equipment at the playground.

Oh yeah, and that time she peed on our friend's floor in front of everyone in the middle of our church service.  At least I warned them ahead of time.

And here's some charming, adorable Rory in video form.


jennifer anderson said...

wow. she s actually a little young for that.

Claire said...

hahaha thats awesome :) thanks for the "over share" ;)

Lesli said...

I don't think its over-sharing! :) She sounds like she is doing really well! Smart girl! Whats your strategy? Just sit her on there for long periods of time until she goes and then she can get down and play?
We are just trying to put words to all the potty stuff for Isaiah (including letting him see us go). We just occasionally put him on the toilet and like every time he is there he goes, even if just a little! Which is amazing, we think!
Where did you get your training seat? We are looking into them now...

Kathryn said...

Love to see the Busy Days book she was reading on the potty! My take on potty training is: it's really mommy (or daddy) training! It's probably easier for Rory because of the twins, she wants to do what they do. Kate was potty trained at 18 months b/c she went with her sisters.

Bevorama said...

I am potty training my 25 month old twins right now and I wish I started a couple of months earlier. It's nice to see someone else with their hands full, still going full on with potty training and dealing with accidents. There is a lot of pee flying in this house! But I'll be soooo happy not changing my 3 year olds diaper!Good for you :)