Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 Years of Rory!!!!

We've finally arrived.  I've chronicled Rory's growth for the last 24 months and she officially turned 2 on Thursday.

Isn't she adorable?  She's lost a lot of her stranger anxiety, but definitely wasn't pleased with a room full of people singing Happy Birthday to her either.  She's all giggles and smiles at home with family, but comes across as serious to people who aren't immediate family.
This month, Rory has especially enjoyed:
  • dancing (though that's nothing new)
  • reading (nothing new again)
  • doing puzzles...for hours
  • asking mommy and daddy, "What happened?" with palms up and shrugging shoulders
  • wearing anyone's shoes but hers
  • baking with mommy
  • getting her toenails painted
  • singing at the top of her lungs first thing in the morning
We adore her with all our hearts.  Check out her growth over the past 24 months.  Amazing.

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Lesli said...

awww, I love it! She's two! :)