Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

I know it's been awhile since we've posted.  Now that we're not taking monthly pictures of Rory anymore, it's hard to make the time to post much of anything.

Here are a few of the happenings going on in our lives right now.

  • We finalized our adoption at the end of July.  This means our twins are now officially Pascuals and American citizens.  Of course, when having to answer questions in front of the judge, I cried my eyes out because it was such a special moment.  Here they are after court.
  • Baby #4 is coming!  ETA 3/26/13.  This means we will have 4 under 5.  (Well, the twins will be about 5 and 2 weeks...but their emotional maturity will still qualify them for being under 5.)  This is also our last least we're pretty sure.  It'll be our last biological child at least.  This pregnancy has been so different compared with my first.  Those who knew me while we were in Turkey can attest to the fact that I was terribly sick. I could hardly walk, couldn't see straight, and I was throwing up 3-5 times a day.  I've definitely been sick this time, but haven't thrown up at all.  We're hoping this means it's a boy.  (Actually, don't tell Jonathan, but I'd be just as happy with a girl.)
  • The twins started preschool.  They're in the 3 year old class since that's more along the lines of where they are as far as language development and emotional maturity.  Here they are on their first day of school.  They really enjoy it, though Favor always has a hard time leaving Jonathan to go inside.  It also gives Jonathan a break from such intense parenting.

  • We went on a super last-minute vacation to the beach.  A week opened up at the house we rented last year and we couldn't pass up the deal.  It was fantastic in every way.  They played hard all day (with very few timeouts) and slept hard at night.  It was awesome having something to entertain them that is also enjoyable and relaxing for us.  

  • Resonate, the fantastic church we're a part of has finally launched and we're loving everything they're doing in the city and in the community.
  • We've also got a lot going on behind the scenes.  I'm still working, Jonathan is staying home with the girls, but also starting to make some big moves on the coffee shop we're going to open.  So, though we're not ending the blog, you may see a long-term dramatic drop in the amount of posting we do.  We'll jump back on here every once in awhile to give updates, post pictures, etc. but no promises of anything consistent, and probably no project postings because, if I even get around to making something, there's no way I'll get around to taking pics of it.
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Anonymous said...

Not okay to stop. Get the ap for your phone and you can post anytime :) seriously. Liana

Emily said...

Congratulations on the new baby! These are great pictures of your girls, they're all so adorable and obviously incredibly happy!