About Sarah

I'm a tBoulderite who has made her home in the south.  I love to create things out of fabric and yarn, and I enjoy being challenged to focus less on myself and more on others.  I've been married to the most amazing man in the world since 2008, and had my first little one in August 2010.  In February of 2012, our family grew again when we adopted twin girls from Uganda.  I also get to work as a Regional Manager for Goodwill helping adults with disabilities become work-ready.  I've traveled and lived all over the world and love the adventure and newness of learning about and exploring new places and cultures.  This blog was originally started in 2005 to document my experiences living in Egypt and has morphed a bit as my life has changed and grown.

Thanks for visiting!

My Favorites: my husband, coffee, combining bright colors, sewing, my sweet little girl, folk music, laughing, knitting, sunshine, foreign countries, Jesus, adventures, guitars and singing, my job, team trivial pursuit, romantic comedies, ice cream, dreaming big, diet coke with lime, NPR, peace, Catholic mystics

My UN-favorites: rainy days, being organized, pineapples, working out (there, I said it), tornadoes, being unable to dissociate my meat from the animal it came from, being cold, vacuuming, details, polo shirts and Uggs